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Chat with us over the phone and we'll be glad to answer any enquires or questions regarding your vehicle. You may also come and visit the workshop at anytime and have a word with us! Phone us at +65 6385 0303 or email us at anwar@juzzperformance.com. We are located at 8 Kakit Bukit Avenue 4 #03-51/5 Singapore 415927.

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Preferred workshop for continental and performance cars. Equipped with decades of experience to serve you.

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Juzz Performance, a modern car garage with many years of experience in maintenance, repair and tuning up of German car marques.

We love working on our German marques. Our desires are gratified when we see the cars we’ve worked on with blood, sweat and tears are complete. And the best part – the cars we work on become a part of someones life and family. 

Juzz Performance is also the authorised centre for TUNAP, the award winning German No. 1 manufacturer and OEM partner for innovative and health-friendly chemical solutions for the automotive industries and is a trusted BMW specialist in Singapore. 

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We carry a plethora of different products for your machine. Check out what we have.

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We are located at 03-51, 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, Singapore 415927. Open from Mon - Fri (9am - 6pm) and Saturdays (9am-3pm). Call us at 6385 0303.